In monochrome melodies

Our tears are painted in red

Bleeding to the edge

Deep inside we're nothing more

Than scions and sinners
In the rain

Do light and darkness fade

Yes, time circles endlessly

The hands of fate trained ahead

Pointing to the edge

All things change,
drawn to the flame

To rise from the ashes

To begin
We first must see the end

Changes to the site

First of all, why did I change my site?
1. I didn't want my site so aggressvely tied to someone else's IP.
2. I felt that it gave an impression that is not the clearest picture of who I am and what you'll find here. My url is the same, so even though my buttons are different, you don't have to change it unless you want to.

Why Lover's Moon?
I was inspired by Menphina and all kinds of other lunar divinities, Selene and Endymion, the association of the moon with love and femininity... it really just felt right to me. I want to express myself truthfully, painfully, without reservation, and this feels like a more clear and genuine representation of who I am.