John Bennett (1285 - 1317) & Agnes (Gregory) Bennett (1285 - 1326)
Married 1300

Arthur Bennett (1301 - 1301)
George Bennett (1302 - 1316)
Ingram Bennett (1303 - 1317)
Wymond & Sybil Bennett (1305 - 1305)
William Bennett (1306 - 1308)
Robert Bennett (1308 - 1317)
Matilda Bennett (1310 - 1340)
Heir: Richard Bennett (1312 - 1342)


John Bennett and Agnes Gregory were married in 1300. John and Agnes were poor farmers who started with next to nothing and made a living for their family as best they could. Harvests were often poor, so John took up woodworking and Agnes took up painting for some extra income. As family-oriented sims, John and Agnes were highly devoted to their children. The Bennett Family lived through the Great Famine of 1315 - 1317 and lost John, Ingram, and Robert due to starvation and malnutrition. After John's death, Agnes later remarried and had two daughters with her new husband, Hugo Foreman. Agnes and Hugo both died when their daughters were young, so the children were left in Matilda's care.

Due to a bug in the game at the time I was playing this generation, the children in particular loved being mean to each other for no reason so they tended to have pretty bad relationships. Agnes often had to play mediator to help the children repair their relationships only for them to start harassing each other again. As the only two children who survived into adulthood, Matilda and Richard did bond later in their lives and their families became quite close.

I didn't take many screenshots or write much for this generation, but I think I get more obsessed with each generation that passes.