Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (or Motoko-chan's Wonder Kitchen) is a Super Famicom point-and-click game developed and published by Ajinomoto (the mayonnaise company). It was released in 1993 as a promotional item sent to customers who entered a contest requiring them to mail in 2 proof of purchase seals from Ajinomoto mayonnaise. 10,000 copies were produced.


It's a pretty standard point-and-click game that supports the Super Famicom mouse. As thanks for buying Ajinomoto mayonnaise, Motoko-chan offers to show us some nice places. She also left some memos for us to find! In short, we find her memos and cook some food using lots of mayonnaise. There are lots of neat little things to interact with, and even a reversi mini-game against a witch! We also learn lots of mayo facts from a weird little old man.